I am a ceramist ceramist mission
Laura Katalin Kossack

Without wishing to boast...
my army does have 800 members:

  • 100 per rank
  • 100 for all the blood spilt

The red colour chosen for the body of the teapot recalls the skin of burn victims...

« Winning without fighting »

...on a surface of 32 m2, 8 models of 100 pieces
(pistol teapots)

*Inventory of « La Grande Armée »

  1. Large 1 spout, 2 handles
  2. Large 2 spouts, 2 handles
  3. Low spout
  4. 90 degrees
  5. Medium right-handed
  6. Medium left-handed
  7. Small left-handed
  8. Small right-handed
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Minimum volume
Maximum volume

Souvenir de La Grande Armée

80 pistol teapots from the special ‘Souvenir de La Grande Armée’ limited edition placed on boxes (see photo) on a surface 2 m x 0.5 m. The pieces measure between 13 cm and 20 cm.

These are the 8 models from ‘La Grande Armée’, but with fine gold decals for the notation ‘Souvenir de La Grande Armée’, the numbering of each piece and my ‘LKK’ logo for the signature of each piece. Each piece has a lid (and its own little cardboard box with a ‘Souvenir de La Grande Armée’ sticker).

Red sandstone (Witgert Westerwald) cast in a plaster mould, brilliant, transparent tableware enamel on the inside

Fired at 1150 degrees

Vaincre sans combattre

Plaster moulding of a bovine leg bone and addition of 6 cm of length

Limoges porcelain cast, brilliant tableware enamel on the inside, crackle enamel on the outside

Fired at 1250 degrees

Exhibition instruction:

  • The vase in which a pink peony is opening out is placed on a white painted wall console 25 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm.
  • Only this flower will be chosen as an ornament, and it (together with its water) will be refreshed while it is flowering.

La guerre est morte

Colts - technique:

4 forms of the Colt, Walther, Sig-Sauer and Smith & Wesson pistols, moulded in plaster and then cast in self-coloured porcelain.

Fired at 1250/1280 degrees

Target - technique:

Double walled cylindre made with different clays (porcelain, red and white cast), filled with slip and closed to form a hemisphere.

Fired at 1250 degrees

Laura Katalin Kossack | Artist

She was born in Hungary to a Hungarian mother and a German father, and grew up in both countries. Being raised in a family of artists, sh e discovered ceramics at an early age. At the age of 17, she decided to set off on her own, driven by the desire to open herself up to the world, and settled first in France and then in Luxembourg.

In 2009, she began studying Art at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, graduating with a Master’s in 2014. This nomadic lifestyle and all these travels and life experiences have certainly influenced and coloured her work. She is currently living in Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe, where she is pursuing her mission of trying to construct a path across walls.

My Philosophy | What I do ?

Beyond the walls - I am trying to build a path across walls.

I draw my inspiration from questions around freedom

First I was obsessed with porcelain. I love the purity and how thin, fluid and translucent you can make the finished object feel. It was a big challenge trying to master this medium, as I also wanted the pieces I made to be perfect.

I have an obsession with production. It makes me happy and satisfies me.

I learned how to make moulds and produce objects in large quantities. This is one of my favourite techniques. It allows me to be critical and to convey my personal message about society. This material helps me to show history and tell the stories which are in my head mind.

My initial obsession with purity has changed since I started using colour such as pigments mixed in porcelain. I also love stoneware. It has made me open ed my mindup. So I use the material which is the most appropriate to make my declarations in my work.

I am crazy about what I do.

As a female artist, I feel as if I am giving birth, it’s as if creation is winning a victory over death



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Interstices by Quadri, Brussels, Belgium


Keramis, La Louvière, Belgium www.keramis.be

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Laura Katalina Kossack expose pour Keramis www.keramis.be

(Le Centre culturel régional du Centre, La Louvière)

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"Campagne du 16 juin 2014"
graduation dossier, ENSAV La Cambre, ceramics
open my book

Graduation Board 2014 poster

Curriculum | My History


Master’s in Ceramics, La Cambre Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels, Brussels Grade: honours, top of her class

Nomination for the ‘Coups de coeur 2014’
prize awarded by the association ‘Amis de La Cambre’


Bachelor’s in Ceramics, La Cambre Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels, Brussels


General Literary Baccalaureate, Lycée Jean de Pange, Sarreguemines, France


Rotary Club school exchange in Epinal, France


Gabelsberger Gymnasium in Mainburg, Germany
3.Àltalànos Iskola Békéscsaba, Hungary

until 6 Dec 1989

Living/growing in Bekescsaba (Hungary)


Born in Debrecen, Hungary

Residencies / traineeships / workshops


‘Csuta’ Symposium, Békés, Hungary


Three-month internship at the International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary


One-week workshop with the architect Wim Cuyvers and the ENSAV LA Cambre ceramic workshop ‘Back to bricks’, Leipfinger-Bader, Puttenhausen, Germany


Two-week internship at the Anthony Hendricks’ ceramic factory, Pécs, Hungary


Ludvig Symposium, Kendlimajor, Hungary

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